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Preventing Financial Crime!

Please pay close attention to financial crime such as fraud which uses overseas remittance.

In order to avoid damage from financial crime

Those who are in the financial criminal activities are claiming at your money with an unpredicted technics. Let’s act with reliable information.

Is the beneficiary (recipient) a reliable person (firm)?

There are cases where the sender unable to contact with the beneficiary after transferring the funds. Please confirm the identity of the beneficiary clearly before carrying out remittance instruction.

Too good to be true?

Investment solicitation pretending to have a relationship with PayForex can be seen from the time to time, but please note that there is no relation with us.

If you feel suspicious…

If you feel suspicious, do not judge by yourself. Consult with the consumer administrative agencies or the police before the remittance. Also please contact PayForex’s support desk so that we can cooperate in providing information to police and related institutions. PayForex support Tel: 03-6809-2785 (weekdays 09: 30 ~ 17: 30) Financial crime management officer

Related information

Please update yourself about the financial crime information and prevent harming yourself from it.